Custom LESS

In text area called “Custom LESS” here, you can set LESS variables which override current theme. You can get LESS variables from

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Layouts / Full page builder

Each page can use different layout. Let’s test them here:

    • Jonny thinks most of this should be done via CSS
    • Gary thinks can be a useful option
    • Marc asked Gary to delete broken layouts

    Options outside Tiki

    Plugins relevant to site design

    Perhaps make a page on themes.tiki.org with a one-liner on each?

    Other style guide tests


    • Printing should be tested for style guide for all features (ex. calendars) and not just wiki pages and articles (which have specific output)
      • HTML
      • mPDF generation
      • PDF via PhantomJS

    • Add edit this menu icon somewhere on mouse-over (Benoit)


    • Why is video above not responsive? Done, needed to activate FitVids.js


    • Theming is odd (switch themes to see oddness)
    • Needs some fixing to properly indicate where you are in page
    • Require an h1 in the page (can be empty h1 with just ! at the top) (Jonny and Benoit should find workaround)
    • Wonky on a mobile device

    Admin menus

    • Show / hide right / left should be fixed and perhaps extended to top / bottom and new custom module zone
      • Benoit has opportunity to test something for wikisuite.org
    • Drupal Navbar

    Edit mode vs view mode

    • Perhaps a top horizontal toolbar like WordPress
    • Hide via perspectives?
    • Hide edit tools on mouse over of section? (but what about mobile?)
    • Perhaps a button to toggle edit/help tools on/off?

    Home page easy editing

    Full width divs in home page





    • Slideshow -> We want these to be nice
      • Do we scrap jQueryUI and do Bootstrap themes?
    • Default search component: Search button should be on same line if space permits


    • Put this site on auto-update to trunk (Luis)

    See also

    example of HTML

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